Blog 11.02.16

It has been a crazy couple of weeks at De-ice HQ – we have welcomed some new members of staff in Carl Makepeace as junior sales executive, Iain McDonald as Contracts Manager for our new office in Scotland (v exciting) and Graham (Mac) MacCallum in Operations.  You can find out more about them on the About Us page of the website.

The weather is on the turn and our TwinFM blog ( ) reflects a colder out look over the coming week….

Barely have you had time to fix the fence panels after the battering of Storm Imogen but now might be the time to dig out the kids sledge!

You will certainly have noticed the drop in temperature but this is more reflective of average February conditions.  A bright, frosty and cold start to Friday with snow on higher ground over the Scotland and some isolated showers.  Slightly less cold overnight Friday as cloud cover forms bringing showers– rain heaviest in the south west.  The low pressure front pushing in over the west will bring wet weather over the south on Saturday however as the rain pushes north it meets the cold northerly flow which could well turn the showers more wintery so a decent chance of snow inland to low levels as it moves through although it is difficult to say at this time where the two fronts will meet.  This cold front pushes south come Sunday and Monday allowing an Arctic air mass to spread across the country.  Further wintery showers likely in eastern areas with brighter drier conditions in the west.  Overnight frosts and wintery showers remain in play early part of next week.   There is a warmer low pressure coming in from the Atlantic but how long it will take to push the cold high pressure off is unclear at the moment.   In short keep wrapped up and the heating on – enjoy the bright sunny spells where you can.

Elsewhere – The death toll continues to rise in Taiwan after an earthquake felled a 17 storey apartment complex full of families gathered for lunar New Year celebrations.   Despite warnings a group of Czech skiers were buried in an avalanche in Tirol, Austria.