De-Ice, one of the UK’s longest-established and leading gritting and snow clearance specialists will be joining a long list of 1,600 businesses working closely with the MoD (Ministry of Defence) and SaBRE (Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers) by looking to recruit reservist staff in the reserve forces for its business.

Reservists make up around 14% of the nation’s total defence capacity which in turn makes them an essential part of our defence strategy. They are called upon as individuals for their specific skills or as ready-formed units to serve alongside the Regular Forces whenever required.

Army Reservists are skilled people who can transfer their skills and knowledge between your business and Defence. There are around 35,000 Volunteer Reservists in the UK. Coming from all backgrounds, regions and jobs, these are ordinary men and women who give up their time to train and serve alongside the Regular Forces.

Mark Lopez, founder and director of De-Ice comments: “ We are aware that the experiences gained through service with the Reserve Forces equips individuals with invaluable life skills – motivation, self-discipline, confidence, communication, teamwork and leadership – all of which make a positive contribution to any organisation.”

Mark continues: “We, as a business have always been keen to work with ex-military employees. As a seasonal business working with reservists is a logical option for us. It enables us to get the extra coverage we need at our busiest times of the year, i.e. the winter months. Even during the ‘off-duty’ months, we continue to work closely with all our customers (both existing and new), salt, machinery and equipment suppliers to make sure that – together – we enter every winter season well prepared to meet the challenges we may face. Therefore, by recruiting reservists not only will our business benefit from their extensive training and expertise but we can continue to offer our clients the best possible service in the event of any period of extreme weather.”

There is sometimes much speculation about mobilisation and what potential impact this may have on a business. However, the reality is that Army Reservists are unlikely to be mobilised except in the event of major and enduring operations. In cases where an employee’s mobilisation would cause serious harm to the business, employers do have a right to contest a call-out notice by applying for a deferral, revocation or exemption.

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