De-Ice’s Record Breaking Week as it tackles the Beast from the East!

Winter maintenance specialist works around the clock to keep Britain moving and safe during beast from the east onslaught

When it came to the weather, last week was a ferocious one as the ‘beast from the east’ arrived across the UK. Yet, the recent onslaught of snow and ice was dealt with head-on by the team at De-Ice. The extreme weather required a record breaking response and, and testament to the team’s commitment and planning.

De-ice provided a record number of snow ploughs to sites in a single day on the 28th February. One of their snow ploughs, on a single site (in Scotland), spent 60+ hours continually ploughing!

Rock around the clock 24/7!

The team at De-ice worked tirelessly to keep the business on track in order to keep all their clients’ sites operational and safe – working around the clock.

Alongside their regular customers, De-Ice has had a huge influx of new clients contacting them. Unprepared, and without having previously organised a winter maintenance service, many companies were desperate for their help in keeping facilities clear and risk-free.

Keeping UK schools, hospitals and business operating and on the move during icy conditions

Mark Lopez, managing director at De-Ice comments: “Our priority is to keep UK business operating to as near normal as possible with safe conditions to do so, and we used all the resources available to take on as much as we could.

“In very challenging weather, our snow ploughs and gritting vehicles made thousands of visits to schools, hospitals, logistic centers and businesses countrywide.”

DeIce gritting lorry with snow plough

Winter Maintenance – Forecasting ahead!

With their extensive forecasting and winter maintenance experience, companies like De-ice have to be well ahead when it comes to predicting the weather and knowing how to respond precisely and effectively.

De-Ice spreading their message across the airwaves – keeping us all safe

Despite working around the clock with his team, Mark Lopez found time to share his insight and advice in interviews with several radio stations across the UK, including LBC, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Essex. During his Radio Five interview, he reassured listeners that there would be enough grit to get Britain through the icy storms, as well as explaining the different kind of salt and their purposes.

Is the beast from the east heading back home for now?

Temperatures are forecasted to rise over the next week – bringing relief to businesses countrywide and hopefully a good rest for those at De-Ice who have been breaking records to keep things going! The Beast from the East has shown that it’s best to have a plan in place, and to be prepared.

Our snow ploughs and road gritting machines have been very busy of late! Here are some pics of the team in action!:

Snow Plough in action

A dark and stormy icy night!