Early signs of a colder than average winter

In our business the start of the season is 1st November (1st October if you are in Scotland) but on only one occasion, that I can recall in the 17 years since we started, have we been actually been providing service from that date.  The UK weather usually eases us in but not this year, considering how warm October was it felt as though Jack Frost himself flicked the winter switch on the 1st November, winter arrived and we were off providing our preventative gritting treatments.

What can we look forward to in the coming week?

So winter decides to show up and although not unpredicted it is a little early.  Last week I mentioned the reasoning for this which is a weak polar vortex, usually spinning in a circular movement above the arctic, is slow moving and the jet stream has pushed into this which has allowed cold air to bulge out.  The cold air has bought early and heavy snow across Russia and Northern Europe, and for the UK very cold temperatures and snow which has given us some lovely wintery pictures from Scotland and Yorkshire.

Wet and windy weather with bright cold spells in between have been the main focus for the majority of this week, and although weather models differed earlier this week they do now have a more uniformed forecast of the week ahead.

The weekend starts a few degrees warmer than Friday at around 10-13 degrees with rain moving across from the west so there is no danger of any further snowfall.  The rain moves across the UK over Saturday and overnight but should be clearing off by mid-morning Sunday although some stubborn areas along the east could hang on to a few showers but hopefully any Remembrance parades will be dry and bright. Keeping an eye on the horizon to the west, Atlantic winds bring further showers and again temperatures around 11-13 degrees for the start of the working week.  The jet stream looks like it will bring waves of low pressure through Monday, Tuesday so the west and north west will be seeing the heaviest rainfall, the further east the drier the outlook.  However as the jet stream picks up the peaks and troughs deepen allowing cold air once again to push further south eastward through the UK so chillier towards the latter end of the week.

Looking even further ahead there have been plenty of press stories, driven by the issue of longer range forecasts, that put this year as the coldest winter in 5 years.  At De-ice we are certainly ready for it and I will be blogging regularly to keep you in touch so do check our website weekly.

So if you find that winter has crept up on you and you have yet to finalise your gritting and snow clearance requirements DON’T PANIC – give Sarah’s sales team a call, they can help you formalise a winter plan that is right for your business at an affordable price.


Vicky Lopez