To provide an effective gritting hire service requires deep knowledge and the correct equipment, such as the most appropriate gritting machines and gritting trucks to help get the work done in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer gritter hire across the UK, using the latest technologically advanced machinery to get the job done. Our modern machines offer the minimum of down time and high speed of operation with low manual intervention. We know that the most useful road gritter hire comes when the machines are running full-on.

If you are looking for a company that can offer the latest gritters and spreaders for your car parks, roads and paths plus public open spaces, you will find that we have got it all covered.

Use our in depth experience and knowledge to help you to make informed decisions regarding which operator to use in your forward planning.

The types of gritting hire lorries across the globe

Nowadays, gritting lorries are the standard tool of choice for de-icing the roads. Road gritting lorries and trucks have different names across the globe and local slang terms may also be used to describe them too! At De-Ice, we have heard it all. From Gritters, Salt Spreaders, WSV’s, Snow Plows and RVS’s to  Gritting Lorries, Grit Trucks and Salt Spreaders – they’re all the same to us!

As long as they do the job, that is all that matters. Keeping roads, railways, access areas and other public thoroughfares clear is where it is at.

Local authorities and Councils across the UK will often either own or hire much smaller ice clearance vehicles. They would use these to clear public pavements and footpaths plus cycle routes, car parks and shopping centres. Local authorities need to keep Hospitals, Schools, Universities and many other public areas moving whatever the weather! De-Ice offer Gritter Hire to get the job done, whatever the weather!

Snow Plough gritterTo keep people and commerce moving through the air, Airports also must be kept clear of ice and snow build-up. Airport Runways, Airport Taxiways and Airport Terminals are critical areas that need clearing. Whatever the weather, it is vital for the economy to keep the air routes open for business. There are certain specialist machines that are used to keep aircraft surfaces de-iced too which is, it goes without saying, vital for their normal safe operation.

Way back in the nineteenth century is where it all started. The first snow plows first appeared across the US as farmers and country-folk determined that they needed to keep the supply routes open. In those days, Horse-drawn carts and carriages were providing the horse power to get the job done. The industrial revolution brought the combustion engine and the rest is history.

Specialist Gritter Hire machines

De-Ice owns a comprehensive selection of the various specialist winter road gritters and machines to get any task completed. You can simply request a cost for Gritter Hire or we can throw in much more help if you desire.

The machinery that may be required to get any job done is available to us at short notice always. At De-Ice we will get the job done on time, whatever the weather.

Specialist manpower and knowledge regarding hiring gritter machines

By treating every one that we work with in the same way, whether staff or clients, we promote pride and corporate social responsibility across the board. By empowering people, we have developed our highly skilled manpower. Together with our skilled workforce and specialist machines – plus our Gritter Hire – we will ensure that your poor weather plans are implemented effectively.

Do get in touch. Let us show you how we can help your organisation to beat the winter blues.

De-Ice proudly provide an integrated specialist gritter hire service across the UK to both the public sector and private companies, whatever the need and wherever they may be.