Winter risk management specialist offers its feedback on

the news of potential gritting cuts



De-ice, one of the UK’s longest-established and leading winter gritting and snow clearance specialists, has fed back on recent news of gritting cuts in Sheffield. 


During the current heatwave, protests have increased over plans to reduce the number of Sheffield roads gritted in the winter. Mark Lopez, managing director of De-ice, comments:


“Naturally, I am in complete support of the ‘Keep Bradfield Gritted’ campaign. Whilst I appreciate the need for Government funding cuts, I do not believe this should impact the winter maintenance programmes. Given the increasing severity of winters in the UK, councils up and down the country should have an increased focus on winter gritting and risk management procedures.


“We only need to look at recent winters and the chaos caused as a result of failure to properly and effectively grit. Cutting winter budgets, and reducing the number of roads that are treated is a recipe for disaster. Not just from service perspective, but also when you take into consideration the possible legal action that could be taken as a result of someone slipping and badly injuring themselves on an untreated road or pathway.


“There is a need for a joined up approach between the public and private sectors – for roads to also be passable and safe. Only then will we keep Britain moving.


De-ice services a number of sites in the county in the retail, business and property sectors. Lopez continues: “Sheffield is a growth area for us, and we believe demand and awareness of the service is high.  If private businesses are being proactive when it comes to winter maintenance, and protecting their employees and visitors, then shouldn’t the council be as well?”