How our gritting services could benefit your business

According to figures from the Hospital Episode Statistics for England, there were 2,919 admissions to hospital in 2014/15 as a result of people falling over on snow and ice. Although several of these incidents take place on council-owned streets and pavements, they could easily happen in an area owned by you or your business.

Unfortunately, you would then be at fault for the victim’s injury under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Any personal claims case brought against the business could result in significant financial losses and a severely damaged reputation.

This is just one of the reasons why you should consider enlisting the gritting services of De-Ice. We can ensure that the paths, pavements, roads, and routes around your business are free of ice and snow, allowing both staff and customers to access the premises safely.

Additional benefits of snow clearance and gritting services

Along with preventing the business from entering into legal proceedings for a personal injury claims case, regular snow clearance and ice gritting can also ensure everything operates as normal regardless of the weather.

If employees can’t get to work because you have failed in your duty to provide them with a safe access route, the business is bound to see a drop in productivity. Furthermore, both new and existing customers won’t be able to spend their money on your products or services, thus adversely affecting the business’s bottom line.

In turn, you could see your local standing and stature torn to shreds, which is often incredibly difficult to recover from. All of this could quite easily happen if you don’t plan ahead for the worst-case winter scenario.

Our snow clearance and ice gritting promise

Choose De-Ice for both snow clearance and ice gritting to ensure your business doesn’t suffer from the ill effects of winter. You can remain open all-year round, always keep customers on your side, and comply with the legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Because we know just how challenging snow and ice can be, we have a framework and the resources in place to guarantee our clients receive the best possible service. We have never missed a site visit or run out of salt and we don’t over promise or under deliver either.

So, to avoid the build-up of ice and snow with a regular and pro-active gritting solution, contact us at De-Ice today.