International Women’s Day – 8th March, 2016 DE-ICE: ‘CALLING ON WOMEN TO GET INTO GRITTING’ -UK’s winter risk management industry should be more inclusive-


Vicky Lopez, co-founder and director of De-Ice (, one of the UK’s longest-established winter gritting and snow clearance specialists is calling on more women to ‘get into gritting’. She comments:

“There are so few women working in our sector and low numbers are also represented at the top levels of our associated industries of property and facilities management. I often wonder what it will take to change this.

“I’d like to see more women not only working as operators or gritters, but also in managerial roles. The winter risk management industry is a diverse and exciting one to work in.”

Lopez believes that organisations that actively develop and implement strategies to recruit and retain women will ultimately reap the business benefits of gender diversity and equality. She adds:

“It is well known that a diverse workforce is a stronger and more effective one. Our sector is no exception – we have men and women working at all levels, and productivity levels remain consistent and high. We are also proud of our employee retention figures.”

She concludes: “The future of every business depends on having an adequate supply of skilled employees, and at De-Ice we are striving to encourage more female candidates into not only our business but the sector itself. I firmly believe that the facilities and property management industries also have an important role to play.”