It has been a good week overall

It has been a good week overall – bearing in mind we are now nearly into December there are still tenders and business out there yet to be awarded.  I feel a little frustrated on one hand as the team have worked hard to get their contacts to be more proactive about making awards before the 1st November contract start date.  On the other hand I am well aware of the long list of responsibilities falling to the average over worked FM/property manager.

Weather wise I feel a bit like a broken record as the unsettled windy rainy weather continues with any clear and calmer interludes likely to be cold.  Our weekly blog within the TwinFM website is here for further reading along with valuable FM and world news –—everything-stays-the-same

If you fancy a really good Christmas jolly then check out the WIFM Christmas Quiz on Eventbrite.  It is being held on the 9th December and you must register to attend – don’t forget your Christmas jumper/outfit/tie – it is a good fun night and Linette from the sales desk will be there steering you towards the 10 things to make sure you have in place for winter.

Its December next week and I’m feeling festive so the office decorations will need to be dusted off – don’t let me within 10 yards of a mince pie.

Have a good week all


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