It will come as no surprise to any of you that December 2015 was the wettest month since records began in 1910…

In fact December 2015 is a double record holder – the normal average temperature for the month of December is 4 degrees but Dec 2015  averaged out at double that at 8 degrees, little wonder that the De-ice Christmas sack felt light this year, not much in the way of frosty nights for us to go out spreading grit!

Although there is a change to the weather looming, there is still rain about and some may fall as sleet in the northern and Scottish hills and possibly to lower ground in the central Scottish lowlands – Monday 11 could be the start.

The jet stream will move lower this week, pushing the low pressure down which may well skirt the UK in the main but if this happens this will leave the cold northern winds able to push down across the country bringing some long awaited winter weather.  So it looks drier but colder with widespread frosts and ice.



The UK is not alone in breaking weather records as the US average national temperature was 4.3 degrees above the national average making it the second warmest since records began in 1895.

Snow Road Picture


Please note: Cold weather is De-ice’s business and we get constant weather updates from a variety of sources but we are in no way qualified meteorologists.

Picture: Picture: Snow affected a number of routes across the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway recently

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