Let it Snow… El Nino Extremes Continue …

Following the unprecedented snowfall on the east coast of the US, the clear-up operation is underway. With record amounts of snow fall in many areas this will certainly take some time.

Were any lessons learnt? Or did the country handle the chaos as well as they could?

The bad weather is making its way across the Atlantic, but by the time it reaches us in the UK, it will turn into rain – and in north a fair bit of it! – But also bringing gale force winds.

We’re yet to experience snow and harsh weather this year, and the next week will see mainly wet and windy weather interspersed with clearer colder spells.  Will February have a wintery sting in its tail?  Only time will tell.

What the US lesson has taught us all is the need  to keep in touch with local news, to look out for our neighbours and to not go out alone in treacherous conditions.

Snow Plow USA

View the US weather in pictures at http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/35399954