Taking a Proactive Approach When it Comes to Managing Extreme Weather

Navigator Terminals UK

Navigator Terminals is the UK’s largest independent bulk liquid storage provider with over 1.5 million cubic metres of storage available. The company operates four terminals, each strategically located in major UK ports and serving key demand centres within the UK.

Navigator Terminals Thames is the largest bulk liquid terminal in the UK by throughput volume. It is strategically located on the river Thames with its proximity to the M25 bringing fuels and bitumen to the markets of the Home Counties, London and the Midlands. Key products stored include diesel, gasoline, avgas and bitumen.

Navigator Terminals Thames is a 22 hectare site accessed by both marine tanker vessels and road tanker wagons. The site has a capacity of 378,000 cubic metres and boasts a throughput of several million tonnes per annum.

COMAH Regulations

Navigator Terminals Thames is an upper tier COMAH site as defined by The Control of Major Accident Hazards regulations 2015 and as such is required to comply with the details contained within the regulations governing storing toxic, flammable, and hazardous products.

This means the site must endeavour to take all necessary measures to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances. Limit the consequences to people and the environment of any major accidents which do occur

If the assistance of the blue light emergency services is required to attend Navigator Terminals Thames this would be treated with the up most importance and classed as an extreme emergency.

Weather extremes also need to be managed very carefully by the terminal to ensure safety and to prevent downtime. A proactive approach is taken at all times to maintain safe access and egress for terminal users and the emergency services as required by UK Legislation.

Mission critical winter risk management

Navigator Terminals Thames, Grays, Essex appointed De-ice in 2015 – keen to bring in a trusted and reliable winter gritting and risk management partner. De-ice is responsible for the gritting and snow clearance of the main access route into and out of the terminal, including all car parks as well as the site tanker park used for truck logistics, including overnight parking by hundreds of vehicles.

Dave Young, Operations manager at Navigator Terminals, said: “When it comes to wintry and hazardous conditions, we have to ensure the site is both accessible and fully gritted. Having a high number of trucks come onto it every day to load up, it is essential that the facilities we offer are safe & conducive to requirements ensuring they leave ready for distribution across the South and South East of England.

“Any downtime could have a huge knock-on effect, with empty petrol station forecourts. We therefore take our winter gritting programme very seriously and need to work with the best possible partner to guarantee the highest levels of delivery and service.

“The service that De-ice provides is seamless, meeting our requirements and ensuring that all routes are effectively gritted, using high quality salt.

“We opted for De-ice because of the various risk assessment trigger points they use, based against accurate weather forecasting, road surface temperature forecasting and site topography. We know that the site is being serviced at the correct times, and the fact that we receive alerts and have a full audit trail is also hugely valuable to us. Should questions ever arise around service – De-ice will always have this information available.”

Flood resilience

Another weather extreme which is monitored closely is flooding. Dave Young adds: “This can have major consequences for the site.

“As we are located on the River Thames the area is protected by a flood wall defence, as well as flood gates which are used in the event of possible flooding. However, we keep a close eye on possible flooding, and this, coupled with icy and snowy conditions, presents a significant threat to the continuity of business at Navigator Terminals Thames.”

Vicky Lopez, director at De-ice, added: “Every site we oversee is important. However, we appreciate that with Navigator Terminals we have to go that extra mile. The impact around lack of fuel supply is huge for both businesses and consumers. We need to be effective and on the ball – around the clock.

“Navigator Terminals is the perfect example of a site that has a hugely proactive approach when it comes to weather resilience – from flooding to ice and snow. Other sites would benefit from taking such a stance, in order to avoid unnecessary downtime and expense.”