Have we seen the back of the Beast From The East?

Well, even though The ‘Beast from the East’ winter storm alone proved to be a ferocious adversary, combined with Storm Emma the effects were severe across the UK.

Working in a winter maintenance company over the past week has certainly been a real challenge at De-Ice. We have completed literally thousands of gritting visits and sent out hundreds of snow ploughs across the country.  Every resource at De-Ice has been used to its fullest extent.

All Councils, Highway Agents and Airports will be in the same boat and still, in many areas, we have seen whole counties being cut off. Major roads have been at a standstill for many hours and more snow has fallen in some areas than has ever been seen before.

What can we expect to see with the weather this week? 

Rest assured that it will continue to be cold and the wind chill may still be severe in places. There is still snow fall around in patches across South Wales and South West England. Snow showers may continue in Scotland and the North East. Check a reputable local forecast as winds may be strong where and when snow falls.

The weekend is over as the Beast from the East goes home!

After Saturday, for some, the end was in sight of the Beast from the East as more southerly winds started to bring in milder, well let’s say less cold, airflow.  It will remain cold in the north but will slowly move to milder temperatures in the south of the UK.  There continues to be a high risk of overnight frosts in Scotland and the North of England so be wary of ice melt freezing.

Patchy snow showers have now largely abated in the Midlands, and the North and Southern Scotland calmed over Sunday. Although temperatures have now moved up a degree or two, the thaw will take longer the further north you go.

DeIce gritting lorry with snow plough

The coming week’s weather forecast

This week winds will weaken so at the moment the forecast is subject to change. Working out where the weather systems will move is more difficult the further ahead we look.  The south will certainly be able to feel its fingers and toes again this week with temperatures picking up to 6-9 degrees. This is still below the average for this time of year though.  Tuesday looks to be calmer and drier in the main with any precipitation falling as rain or sleet to lower levels with snow confined mainly to higher ground. What a relief!

Looking further ahead there is still a chance we could be left in the chill, with Northerly areas thawing more slowly.

Next, we will monitor the jet stream movements come midweek to see what happens next.