Spring is sprung!

March can be an unpredictable month weather wise – who’d have thought that Braemar in the Highland of Scotland would see temperatures of 17 degrees on Thursday 17th while Aberdeen only 60 miles away shivered in 7 degrees!  The majority of us will have seen some spring sunshine this week as well as some over night’s frosts and the weekend and into next week will remain settled as high pressure still dominates over the UK with subtle changes later in the week.

The central and eastern parts of the UK will have seen some cloud and fog through Friday with a brighter start in the west.  This cloud moves westward through Friday/Saturday with the potential for some patchy drizzle in places.  However for most of us it stays largely dry for the weekend and through into next week – Temperatures constant at around 7-10 degrees.  A continued settled pattern into the start of the new week staying dry and cool, however, increasing winds will bring some wet conditions to the northern parts of Scotland and come Wednesday/Thursday patchy rain coming in from the west could affect many of us.

Looking towards the USA it appears that winter still has more in store – a low pressure system is building in north Florida and as cold air drops down from the north meeting warmer conditions from the gulf of Mexico this means New York, Washington and Boston are likely to experience some disruptive snow falls this weekend before the front moves off to northern Canada.

Conflicting reports on the forecast for Easter so I will update you later next week.