The cost of winter maintenance

It is fair to say that severe weather events are extremely annoying and disruptive for businesses across the UK. In addition to longer journey times for staff, you may also find that your customers do not even attempt to travel, thus adversely affecting both productivity and profitability.

Unfortunately, this is something not all businesses take seriously enough, even though the unpredictability of the Great British weather coupled with escalating climate change could have a huge impact on the country’s future economic competitiveness.

As a result, the cost of having a winter maintenance plan is not just limited to paying for snow clearance and gritting services, it may also include lack of continuity and loss of earnings.

The wintery weather’s effect on the economy

Storm Doris has dominated the weather headlines recently, with wind speeds of 90mph plus wreaking havoc across the UK. Even though the authorities can’t do much to prevent such chaos, the economic cost of Doris is estimated to reach £400 million.

Association of British Insurers spokesman Malcolm Tarling said: “Insurers have seen a significant number of claims from Storm Doris, which was a serious event causing a lot of disruption. Knock-on costs look like being the main cost. These include lost working hours, lost business, travel delays from blocked roads and rail lines and flight cancellations, costs of restoring transport networks and power supplies, and clean-up costs.”

However, the costs that Tarling alludes to could easily come about from heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures as well. Cast your mind back six years and you are bound to remember the winter of 2010/2011, when Britain was once again hit by travel chaos, school closures, power failures, and the cancellation of major events.

Extreme cold lasted from November into the middle of January and was said to cost the UK economy around £13 billion, which is significantly more than Storm Doris. Therefore, it is in every business’s best interests to correctly calculate the cost of winter maintenance.

How De-Ice can help reduce the cost of winter maintenance

We have been providing winter maintenance services to both public and private sector customers since 1998, including the record-breaking winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11. From gritting services and snow clearance to winter supplies, we have the knowhow and resources required to reduce the financial impact of freezing temperatures.

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