The Groundhog Effect

The 2nd of February was Groundhog Day in the US, however in the UK, and in the absence of little furry rodents it does feel very much like the UK weather (bar the odd frosty night) has been mild, wet and windy forever – unfortunately the Groundhog Effect is still in play.

A rather dull but mild Thursday night with warm south westerly winds from the Atlantic gives way to a very wet and windy day for the north west of the country on Friday those of us in the south lucky enough to see a brighter Friday pay for it Saturday and a band of rain and more blustery winds dominate particularly on the south west coast.  Temperatures still warm at 11-12 degrees.  Sunday should start bright but the jet stream is forcing a huge band of low pressure across the UK so come Monday and into the week it continues to look to be wet and windy again however the south and south west of the country will bear the brunt of it for a change.  The meandering jet stream does mean that the cold air will have some opportunities to push its way southwards at varying intervals.  In short an unsettled overall mild week with blustery and rainy conditions.

If you are interested in taking a look at real time weather anywhere in the world the company that provides our bespoke winter forecasts, MeteoGroup, have developed an interactive map call MeteoEarth ( ) which allows 3D navigation around the globe.  It’s pretty cool so take a look if you get the chance.


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