UK weather warnings – a guide to helping you to avoid slips, trips and falls

The United Kingdoms Met office issues the country with travel warnings, making the population safer overall,  during periods of poor weather conditions. These warnings are graded dependent upon the forecast weather conditions that are expected to occur across the UK. Their intention is to help people to prepare for poor weather, especially during winter, boosting safety.

These warnings typically cover weather conditions including rain, snow, wind, fog and ice. If people take heed of this helpful advice then accidents, such as slips, trips and falls will be reduced across the country.

Many professional snow clearance and winter gritting professionals also depend upon professional weather forecasts and warnings such as these in order to prepare the countries infrastructure for the predicted poor weather conditions.

To help to reduce slip-ups, accidents and injury across the UK, during periods of inclement weather, here is our quick easy to remember guide to these Met office travel warnings

Travel conditions are basically graded at four different levels by the police, government and local authority transport officials depending on the severity of the weather conditions expected.

These travel conditions are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Normal operations. No severe weather.
  • Stage 2: Travel with caution. The police advise people that conditions for road travel may be hazardous.
  • Stage 3: High risk of disruptions for road journeys. The UK police advise that there is a high risk of disruptions for road journeys. Travellers are likely to experience significant delays.
  • Stage 4: Avoid travelling on the roads. Journeys should be avoided. Severe delays are expected.

What do the UK Weather Warning colours mean?

In the UK, the Met office issues warnings graded as either Red, Amber or Yellow Warnings, as follows:

Red Warning:

Extreme weather is expected. Red means you should take action now to keep yourself and others safe from the impact of the weather. Widespread damage, travel and power disruption and risk to life is likely. You must avoid dangerous areas and follow the advice of the emergency services and local authorities.

Amber Warning:

Be prepared for disruption. There is an increased likelihood of bad weather affecting you, which could potentially disrupt your plans and possibly cause travel delays, road and rail closures, interruption to power and the potential risk to life and property.

Yellow Warning :

Severe weather expected. Yellow means you should plan ahead thinking about possible travel delays, or the disruption of your day-to-day activities.

Helping you to plan safely avoiding accidents such as slips, trips or falls.

These weather warnings are issued so that people can plan for the forecast weather conditions accordingly, including for any planned journeys. We can all then take any necessary precautions regarding the expected forecast weather conditions.

These warnings should help us all to reduce the number of vehicle accidents, slips, trips and falls. Please do pay attention to them in order to ensure the safety of all!