Weather Blog 28.01.16

As January draws to a close it has really been a mixed bag this month of record warm days, some snow, the odd frost and plenty of rain.

Our next contender is Storm Gertrude who peaks over the northern UK Thursday night into Friday morning bringing severe gales and storm force gusts; tightly packed isobars mean very windy weather all over the country.  Wind and flood warnings will be in place in many northern areas so local news networks will be invaluable as localised flooding and damage to power is likely to susceptible areas.  Gusting winds from North Wales and Northern England reach up to 60/70mph inland and up to 80-90mph to the far north in the Isles.  It continues to be blustery through Friday afternoon with patchy rain.  Colder in the north of Scotland with some snow for the hills and perhaps to lower levels through the weekend.  Saturday is likely to be cooler overall with north-westerly winds but this is short-lived as low pressure swoops over later Sunday bringing slightly warmer air.  The start of the week continues stormy and very windy.  The outlook is for a cooler start to February as the jet stream shifts slightly to the south allowing the colder northerly air to dominate.  This could mean that any showers could have the potential to turn wintry.

Elsewhere – Washington is slowly getting back to normal and as temperatures pick up to above freezing which should stay through the weekend and help melt the huge volumes of lying snow.  Geelong in South east Melbourne experienced a ‘one-in-50 year flash –flooding’ on Wednesday causing millions of dollars of damage and the south east area looks set for more thunderstorms over Thursday and Friday.


Please note: Cold weather is our business, but we are in no way qualified meteorologists.