A professional approach to gritting and snow clearance

Winter 2010 was the worst this country had experienced in some 30 years, During the prolonged period of bad weather De-Ice not only made all regular site visits but were able to provide emergency services to many other customers who now realise the importance of a well managed and reliable winter maintenance programme.

With effective use of resources and manpower we have never run out of salt and we have never missed a site visit. We don’t over promise and under deliver. We are realistic in our aims and know that working in severe weather conditions can be difficult and demanding.

Women at De-Ice

How does it work?

Normally gritting is carried out using white salt which is environmentally kinder and flows better through the spreading machines which are calibrated to ensure an even spread of salt at the recognised industry standard of 20g/m2. Salt is not only the most economical de-icing material it is also non-toxic and residual salt is diluted and disposed of through natural processes. However, De-ice understands that to keep the environmental impact low it has to be used responsibly. We believe good training and the correct tools are vital in achieving this.

Our team works hard all year round to grow our business, continue our current relationships and maintain our high standards. Each year we make investments in new machinery and practices that enable us to provide the best service possible.

Think you need us but are still unsure?

Contact us or call 0345 241 3020 and avoid the build up of ice and snow with a regular pro-active gritting service this year.