WINTER 2017-18: A RECORD BREAKING WINTER FOR DE-ICE -Winter risk management business recalls its harshest winter in 20 years, and the lessons the country has learned from the Beast from the East-

The Winter of 2017-18 was the most challenging one yet for De-ice in its 20 years –  thanks to three major snow events all rolled into one season, which saw some counties cut off completely.


As a result of the extreme weather of 2017-2018, similar to that of the ‘Big Freeze’ of 2009-2010, De-Ice reported a record breaking number of ‘in season’ contract sign-ups and over 26,000 gritting visits. De-Ice’s snow ploughs were out in full force with a reported 1500+ hours operation across Britain.


Vicky Lopez, founder and director, comments; “When it comes to the winter weather, no one can afford to be complacent. Year after year we hear of road closures, school closures, the UK high street seeing massive declines in sales; last winter was no exception with Britain’s economy described as ‘flat-lining’ at the beginning of the year due to the heavy snow. Organisations – across every sector – have to take matters into their own hands, to assess the risks and ensure they are properly prepared. Making these contingency plans in advance and before the cold weather kicks in, is a must. It will guarantee the number of victims caught out are minimal and the shocking headlines in the media are avoided.


“The unprecedented snowpocalypse of February-March 2018 highlighted that extreme weather can hit at any time and that preparation is key for ensuring the smooth operation of businesses. If the ‘Beast from East’ has taught us one thing – always be prepared for the unexpected.”


For an opportunity to meet with the founders and husband and wife team, Mark and Vicky Lopez, visit them at the De-Ice stand S825 at the 2018 Facilities Show 19th – 21st June at ExCel London.